Monday, January 22, 2018
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School Closing Information

School Operation Status (Please refresh frequently to see the most current info.... F5 to refresh.)

School Closing Information

Cumberland County Public Schools will be closed on July 3 and July 4.

If it happens during the day ...

As we face weather and other emergencies, every attempt will be made to keep students in school in order to avoid situations where children are sent home while parents are at work. There are times, however, when it is absolutely necessary to close a school or all of the schools. The decision is based primarily upon the consideration of student welfare and safety.

Unfortunately, sometimes ice and snow starts to fall either at the break of day, after buses are on the road, or after school is in session. In addition, emergencies can occur during the school day which require the closing of school. For example, heat or electricity may be lost or malfunctions could occur in the water system.

If it becomes necessary to close school after the day has begun, we will notify all media as soon as possible. Generally, once the announcement is made, it takes over one hour to staff the buses. For this reason, and because we have so many children to load, the dismissal times which are announced are always approximate. In addition, road conditions may result in buses moving very slowly.

How you will be notified ...

# Television Stations Radio Stations
1  WTVR Channel 6 WVHL 92.1 FM
2  WRIC Channel 8 WFLO 95.7 FM
3  WWBT Channel 12 WBNN 105.3 FM

Besides these media announcements, telephone, email and text alerts will be sent to all parents signed up to receive such alerts.[/toggle]

Preparations parents should make concerning early closings ..

Parents of young children need to develop a plan where their children are met at the bus stop by responsible individuals who can make sure that they get home safely. In addition, they need to let the child’s teacher know if during times of early closing, their child needs to ride a different bus. Experience has taught us that when schools close early, there are so many people attempting to call the schools that we are often unable to use the lines to call out. Most people will be unsuccessful in calling in. For this reason, please do not wait to develop an emergency plan for your young child.

Please do not call the school to check for school closing information. Tune in to the above television or radio stations for that information.