Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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On October 9, 2017, Cumberland Seniors Brandon Caban, Muhammed Fulani, Ty’shon Scott, Jonathan Langhorne, Matthew Thompson, and Davidrick Brooks were recognized by the Cumberland School Board for participating in the Call Me Mister program at Longwood University. This free six-day program was led by Dr. Maurice Carter, who was assisted by two Cumberland High School graduates, Bryant Winbush and DelMonté Langhorne. These graduates served as mentors for the high school students who attended the program.

The Call Me MISTER program is a national teacher leadership program that not only prepares young men for a successful career as an elementary or secondary teacher, but also provides them with resources that will place them in a position where they can effectively impact the lives of children.

Matthew Thompson, Ty-Shon Scott, Bryant Winbush, and Dr. Maurice Carter

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The following new teachers were recognized by the Cumberland School Board at the October 9, 2017, meeting:  Mrs. Victoria Davis, Cumberland Elementary School 3rd grade teacher; Ms. Sarah Rowley, Cumberland Middle School 5th grade math teacher, and Mr. David Muncy, Cumberland High School Algebra I teacher.

New CUCPS staff members recognized at the October School Board meeting include

Mr. David Muncy, Ms. Sarah Rowley, and Mrs. Victoria Davis.

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During the school year, the Cumberland School Board recognizes students of the month at regular meetings. The following students were recognized at the meeting held on Monday, October 9, 2017:  Allahjah Harris, third grader, son of Darrell and Tiffany Harris; Phillip Cross, seventh grader, son of Phillip Cross, Sr., and Channai Parker; and Justin Long, eleventh grader, son of Robert and Ashley Long, of Cumberland.

Phillip Cross from Cumberland Middle School, Justin Long from Cumberland High School, and Allahjah Harris from

Cumberland Elementary School were recognized by the members of the Cumberland School Board.


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