Thursday, October 19, 2017
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0082The Little Duke Leaders of Cumberland Elementary School issued a Kindness Challenge to the members of the School Board at the March 2016 meeting. The 100 Acts of Kindness is a program sponsored by Toddler Approved that encourages groups to complete 100 acts of kindness and to challenge other groups to do the same. Acts of kindness could include participating in a charity event, assisting someone with chores, giving a complement, or doing any type of good deed. The Little Dukes noted that in addition to challenging the School Board, they had also challenged neighboring school divisions as well as Hampden-Sydney College. Chairman Ginger Sanderson asked the Little Dukes to keep the School Board members informed of their progress at future meetings.

Little Duke Leaders who challenged the School Board members to 100 Acts of Kindness included the following students:  FRONT ROW:  Robert King, Emery Ludgate, Abigail Winslow, Hannah “Bean” Layne, Peyton Turner, Sydney Winslow, and John Tucker Bowman. BACK ROW: Alyssa Blevins, Samantha Price, Mya Bell, Emily Eron, Jamyra Vick, Juniper Ludgate, and Brett Dalton.

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fourEach year the Cumberland Woman’s Club sponsors an art contest for school-age students of Cumberland County. This year’s winners on the high school level included the following:

Category: 1st Place , 2nd Place ,    3rd Place
Watercolor: Tiara Beaty
Acrylic Painting: Tiara Beaty
Tempera Painting: Zoe Leonard , Cheyenne Johnson ,    Rose Giles
Pen & Ink: Brandon Caban , Zyaira Booker ,    Jared Halvorsen
Charcoal Drawing: Alonna McNutt , Zoe Leonard ,    Wyatt Long
Pencil Drawing: Sydney Payne , Carlos Campos ,    Kayla Ousey
Oil Pastels: Zoe Leonard , Madeline Pada ,    Kayla Ousey
Markers: Marya Elasha , Marya Elasha ,    Rose Giles
Colored Pencils: Rose Giles , , Jahmicka King ,    Shayna Swanson
Digital Photography: Gracie Talbert , Gracie Talbert ,    Gracie Talbert
Collage: Zyaira Booker
Mixed Media: Gracie Talbert , Marya Elasha ,    Madison White

This year’s winners on the middle school level included the following:

Category: 1st Place , 2nd Place ,    3rd Place
Chalk Pastel: Jashawn Meekins , Annabelle Williamson   Nicholas O’Quinn
Colored Pencil: Alex Alvarez
Pencil: William Pada , Mason Raby
Watercolor: Samantha Tillett , Cierra Jeffers ,    Mia Long
5th Watercolor: Corey Frye , Mackenzi Smith ,    Erica Johnson
Black Pen & Ink: Mia Long , Jeremy Johnson ,    Ziayah Dungee
Marker: Zoe Mills , Kristen Caleb ,    Samantha Tillett
Tempera Paint: Juan Bonilla-Olmos, Mia Long ,    Mia Long
5th Tempra Paint: Baileigh Meinhard Makaylah Fields ,    Lily McConkey
Mixed Media: William Pada

This year’s winners on the elementary school level included the following:

Title of Art: 1st Place , 2nd Place , 3rd Place
Winter Wonderland: Hannah Haislip , Aiden Thurston
Northern Lights: Harland Patterson , Makayla Bevins, Janiya Brooks
Eiffel Tower Sunset: Leeonna Johnson , Brianna Barker , Samantha Price
The Colors of Fall: Tamilyah Harris
French Self Portrait: Amanda Stanley , Sandra Atwell , Abigail Winslow
                              Hannah Layne ,    Kionna Copeland
Winter Blue Jay: Shakira Gregory
Australian Koala: Alecia Meadows
Australian Gecko: Ayla Finnegan
Aboriginal Kangaroo: Suzanne Skeens

Top Photo:  Cumberland Elementary School art contest winners who were recognized at the March School Board meeting included the following: Alecia Meadows, Sandra Atwell, Harland Patterson, Hannah Haislip, Samantha Price, Abigail Winslow, Tamilyah Harris, Ayla Finnegan, Hannah “Bean” Layne, Cheyenne Naylor, and Brianna Barker.

Second Photo:  Cumberland Middle School art contest winners who were recognized at the March School Board meeting included the following:  FRONT ROW: Mia Long, Mason Raby, Makayla Fields, Erica Johnson, and Zoe Mills. BACK ROW:  Lily McConkey, Jeremy Johnson, Cierra Jeffers, Juan Bonilla-Olmos, and Annabelle Williamson.

Third Photo:  Cumberland High School art contest winners who were recognized at the March School Board meeting included the following:  FRONT ROW:  Tiara Beaty, Sydney Payne, Alonna McNutt, Rose Giles. BACK ROW: Wyatt Long, Gracie Talbert, Madison White, Cheyenne Johnson, Marya Elasha, and Brandon Caban.

Bottom Photo:  Also attending the School Board meeting to receive her art contest award was Shakira Gregory.

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DSC 0058The annual Cumberland Spelling Bee was hosted in January at Cumberland Elementary School. The division winner was seventh grader Cierra Jeffers. All grade level winners and runners-up were recognized by the members of the Cumberland School Board at the March 2016 meeting. Winners were as follows:
1st Grade – Eric Johnson, David Sullivan (Runner-up)
2nd Grade – Tamilyah Harris, Taytana Brooks (Runner-up)
3rd Grade – Natalie Sullivan,     Addy Carne (Runner-up)
4th Grade – Chase Myers, Brooklyn Winingham (Runner-up)
5th Grade – Jack Williamson, Shyheim Brown (Runner-up)
6th Grade – Dylon Boatwright, Jaleel Brown (Runner-up)
7th Grade – Cierra Jeffers (Division Champion), Mya Johnson Taylor (Runner-up)
8th Grade – Graceyn Cubbage, Tanner Cochran (Runner-up)

Photo:  Spelling Bee participants who attended the March meeting of the Cumberland School Board to be recognized included the following:  Eric Johnson, Taytana Brooks, Brooklyn Winingham, Tamilyah Harris, Addy Carne, Natalie Sullivan, and David Sullivan.

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somThe following Students of the Month from Cumberland County Schools were recognized at the March 16, 2016, meeting of the School Board: Nicholas Abbott (Grade 10, son of Mr. Devin Moore [stepfather] and Ms. Jamie Abbott of Farmville), Seth Whaley (Grade 6, son of Penny and David Whaley of Cumberland), and Chelsea Baker (Grade 4, daughter of David and Lalita Baker of Cumberland).

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DSC 0055The Cumberland County School Board recognized Mrs. Lena C. Chapman as the featured community member for February 2016. Mrs. Chapman is an alumna of Cumberland High School, and she later attended Southside Community College and Liberty University. She is the wife of Michael Chapman, who also attended CHS, and the mother to three girls: Kayla, who graduated in 2015, as well as Victoria and Calista, who currently attend Cumberland High. Mrs. Chapman is also the granddaughter of Donald and Jean Bishop.

Mrs. Chapman grew up in Cumberland, where she lived on the Bishop Farm with her grandparents. Mr. Donald Bishop was the President of the Cumberland Farm Bureau and recently was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award and Lifetime Membership Award through the Farm Bureau Federation. She stated that her grandparents instilled in her a passion for God, family and community.

Currently, Mrs. Chapman is an insurance agent for the Virginia Farm Bureau, where she represents the counties of Cumberland and Buckingham. Prior to this, Mrs. Chapman worked as a realtor at Long and Foster and Hometown Reality from 2002-2006. In 2006, she began a career at Oakwood Homes, becoming the top Housing Consultant from 2006-2015, overseeing the application, delivery, instillation, and insurance of homes.

Through the years, she has maintained strong community ties by being an active member of Tar Wallet Baptist Church. She has served as Youth Leader since 2012 and Choir Leader since 2013. Mrs. Chapman continues her community service by being the Cumberland County Workforce Opportunity Investment Act Board (WOIA) representative, serving on the Youth Council for WOIA, 4-H volunteer for the Reality Store at CHS, and the current presenter at the Auto Safety Presentation for Young Drivers.

Mrs. Chapman said that she serves Cumberland County because she loves the community. She noted that her grandparents are her inspiration and that she aspires to continue their legacy. Mrs. Chapman wants to be a positive fixture in this community, just like her grandparents. She takes pride in helping community members protect their standards of living, in times of prosperity and in potential devastation. Mrs. Chapman stated that she will continue to strive to be the best insurance professional that she can, serving her community in all things that she does. Mrs. Chapman said, “I am truly blessed to have my grandparents as my biggest fans, my family, and a community that I love.”

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The following staff members were presented to the members of the Cumberland School Board at the meeting held on February 8, 2016: Mr. Charles Taylor, Cortez Math Lab Assistant at Cumberland Middle School and wrestling coach; Mrs. Francine Scott-Thompson, Cumberland Elementary School Paraprofessional; and (not pictured) Mrs. Theresa Leonard, Bus Driver for CUCPS.

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korrowMs. Margaret Korrow was recognized by the Cumberland County School Board at the December 14, 2015, meeting for her work with FACES—the Cumberland Branch Food Pantry. Ms Korrow’s mother, Dorothy Korrow, opened the Cumberland branch of FACES in 1989. Ms. Korrow, with the assistance of other members of the community, worked with her mother to provide food for needy Cumberland citizens. Ms. Korrow’s mother became ill in 2005 and subsequently passed away in 2006, and she inherited the operation of the food pantry.

Ms. Korrow worked tirelessly to keep the food pantry, which was open every Saturday from 9:00 to 10:00 A.M., in operation. She remembered preparing large food baskets for patrons of the food bank for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes Easter. Local store owners such as Marion’s Grocery would donate food items, including eggs and milk. She and her mother would go to stores in Farmville to collect other food goods, such as oleo, chickens, and canned vegetables. Then Ms. Korrow recalled putting the food baskets in a truck and leaving home at 5:00 A.M. to deliver the baskets. The closing of Marion’s in the Cumberland village and the late economic setback made it necessary to stop the delivery of food baskets. Sadly, the Cumberland Branch of FACES was forced to close in October 2015, but the School Board thanked Ms. Korrow, and her mother (posthumously), for their many years of service to the community.

While working to feed the citizens of Cumberland County is among one of her finest accomplishments, the School Board recognized Ms. Korrow for her other service to the community. She taught school for almost 35 years (with 12 years being spent at Cumberland High School), she served in the U. S. Army, and she was an active member of the Cumberland Rescue Squad for many years.

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DSC 0007At the November 2015 meeting, the Cumberland County School Board recognized the efforts of Backpacks of Love, a local charity that was formed to provide wholesome food for school children outside the normal school day. Although based in Powhatan, Backpacks of Love has widened its service area to include both Cumberland Elementary School and Cumberland Middle School. Students who are in need of assistance receive a small bag of nutritious food and snacks packaged in backpacks which they can take home for the weekend when school meals would not be available. Two members of Backpacks of Love, Carol Allen and Pat Parker, attended the meeting to receive thanks from the School Board for their efforts to help ensure that no child goes hungry.

Caption: The Cumberland School Board recognized Pat Parker and Carol Allen by presenting them with certificates of recognition for all of their efforts on behalf of needy children. Both have been instrumental in making the program a success

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DSC 0006Each month the Cumberland School Board recognizes staff members. The following staff members were recognized at the November 2015 meeting: Pamela Stepko, new addition to Cumberland Elementary School, who is teaching 3rd grade math and science; Rebecca Cannon Strittmater, former Cumberland student teacher who joined the staff of Cumberland Middle School this year as an English teacher; and Mr. Charles Hale, another former Cumberland student teacher, who joined the staff of Cumberland High School this year as a U. S. History teacher.

Photo:  Mrs. Pamela Stepco was one of three new staff members recognized at the November 2015 meeting of the Cumberland School Board. (Not pictured included Mrs. Rebecca Cannon and Mr. Charles Hale.)

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bothCumberland County Public Schools recognized three Students of the Month at the November meeting of the School Board, which was held on Monday, November 16, 2015. The students were second grader Chimere Brown, the daughter of Cassandra Berry and Hasan Brown; sixth grader Taevon Marshall, son of Jacqueline Dale of Farmville; and tenth grader Bobbie Umberger, daughter of Elgie Capps, Jr., of Cumberland.

Left:  Chimere Brown

Right:  Taevon Marshall

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DSC 0003 James WilliamsonEach spring the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts sponsors the Annual Area Youth Art Exhibitions. At this event, selected pieces of artwork created by youth from eight counties are displayed at the LCVA’s Lower Level. At the November 2015 meeting of the Cumberland School Board, the following students were recognized for having their art displayed in the show: James Williamson, Cumberland Elementary School; Shakisha Ayers, Cumberland Middle School; and Jennavive Dayton, Cumberland High School.

Photo: Youth art show participant James Williamson was recognized at the November meeting of the Cumberland School Board. (Not pictured were Shakisha Ayers and Jennavive Dayton.)

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