Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Recognitions (186)

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DSC 0012At the October meeting of the Cumberland School Board, the members recognized 21 high school students who attended a special camp in Keysville over the summer. As part of the 21st Century Summer School Program, Ms. Peggy Miller and SVCC Enrichment Coordinator, Dr. Christine Lowery-Carter, offered the 2015 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academy at the John H. Daniel Campus of Southside Virginia Community College. The academy, entitled “Zombies on the Loose,” was held during the week of July 6-9. CHS teachers Mr. Todd Meinhard, Mrs. Myrna Barr, Mr. Michael Sutton, and Mr. Charles Hale assisted to make the academy successful.

The students who attended ranged in age from seventh to eleventh grade and included the following: Damien Bevins, Davidrick Brooks, Gillian Cubbage, Devonte Copeland, Nadia Elasha, Kavon Foster, Jack Giles, John Jefferies, Tyler Kingsley, Jonathan Langhorne, Jeryl Lewis, Caylor Scales, Preston Sutton, Hannah Swain, Gracie Talbert, Matthew Thompson, Holly Tillett, Sadei Trent, Trevis Trent, Deanna Ward and Demory Williamson.

Photo: Students who attended the School Board meeting to be recognized included Holly Tillett, Caylor Scales, Matthew Thompson, Nadia Elasha, Trevis Trent, Tyler Kingsley, Davidrick Brooks, and Sadei Trent.

DSC 0008The following new teachers were recognized by the Cumberland School Board at the October 12, 2015, meeting: Ms. Tina Boyer, Cumberland Elementary School 4th grade teacher; Mr. Scott Gordon, Cumberland Middle/High School band director; and LTC William Carter, Cumberland High School Senior Army Instructor for JROTC.

Photo: New teachers Mr. Scott Gordon and LTC William Carter were introduced to the School Board members. (NOT PICTURED, Ms. Tina Boyer).

DSC 0009Lorraine Foster, a CHS junior, was recognized at the October meeting of the Cumberland School Board for attending the Virginia State Parks 39th Annual Department of Conservation & Recreation’s (DCR) Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Program. Lorraine went to Douthat State Park, where she and the other crewmembers stayed in the park-operated cabins. The state park is located in the Allegheny Mountains in Bath County and Alleghany County.

The corps program aims to promote youth development, and provide a cost-effective way to raise environmental awareness and strengthen the stewardship of Virginia’s valuable natural resources. The program combines work experience, education and life skills within the framework of environmental and community service. Crewmembers received a $500 stipend for successfully completing the program.

During her time in the program, the primary projects were the restoration and preservation of wetlands, endangered species and other wildlife habitats; foliage restoration; water quality testing; and trail restoration and construction. Lorraine made a PowerPoint presentation to outline her experiences during the program.

DSC 0007Cumberland High School sophomore Caylor Scales was recognized at the October meeting of the Cumberland School Board for attending the Building Leaders for Advancing Science and Technology (BLAST) program. The BLAST program was held at the University of Virginia in conjunction with the Virginia Space Grant Consortium. BLAST offered an exciting three-day program designed for 8th and 9th grade students across the state. The program gave students an opportunity to have hands-on activities and demonstrations that sought to motivate and inspire students for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related studies and careers. The students were encouraged to address problems, and they practices critical and creative thinking skills.