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Cumberland County Public Schools held a New Teacher Institute on July 25-26, 2016. After being welcomed to the division by division Superintendent Amy Griffin, new teachers were given an overview of the instructional expectations and structures of CUCPS. They were also issued laptops, provided with an overview of available technology, assigned a mentor, and given guided tours of their individual schools. Master teachers and mentors worked with new teachers so they could learn essential information about daily procedures, where to get supplies, and how to access instructional and assessment programs.


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New Cumberland Elementary School teachers include the following: ROW 1:  Savannah Thomas, Mary Larson, Kateri Layne, and Michelle Tuttle. ROW 2:  Megan Angle and Rebecca Schwerdtfeger (Speech/Language Pathologist).

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New Cumberland Middle School teachers include the following: Ernest “E. J.” Allen, June Millacci, Heather Meadows, Ann Langston, Wendy Tillett (returning Assistant Principal), and Miranda Gresham.

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New Cumberland High School teachers include the following:  Rachel Taylor, Trae Shidell, Gabriela Ancajas, and Cora Tolliver (returning Assistant Principal).




The Cumberland County School Board recognized Dr. Elizabeth Hazlegrove at the June 2016 board meeting. Dr. Hazlegrove is a veterinarian and the owner of Cumberland Animal Hospital, located at 24 Hillcrest Road, Cumberland, VA  23040, which is close to the intersection of Routes 45 and 60. She was nominated by Cumberland County Public Schools to be included on the Virginia School Board Association’s Business Honor Roll and has since been accepted. She was nominated for this honor for several reasons. In addition to providing a valuable service to the citizens of Cumberland as a veterinarian, she has also hired Cumberland students to work in her office and has served as a mentor for students completing Senior Project. Several Cumberland seniors completed internships with her and, as a result of their experiences, have decided to pursue occupations in related areas. Moreover, Dr. Hazlegrove has assisted with evaluating the animals and their facilities in the agricultural program at Cumberland High School. Dr. Amy Griffin, superintendent of CUCPS, expressed her gratitude for all Dr. Hazlegrove has done for the school division.

Dr. Elizabeth Hazlegrove was recognized by the Cumberland School Board for being named to the VSBA Business Honor Roll.

Chairman Ginger Sanderson presents Dr. Hazlegrove with her VSBA Business Honor Roll certificate.

Teachers of the Year were recognized at the May meeting of the Cumberland School Board. In order to be nominated for this honor, teachers must meet the following criteria: should inspire the love of learning in all students, be concerned for individual students, display ability and willingness to work cooperatively with fellow professionals, work effectively with the community, remain abreast of current educational theories and practices, be willing and able to make contributions to the field of education, and have demonstrated innovative practices.

            The Teacher of the Year for Cumberland Elementary School (CES) was Mrs. Chiara Guardo Hoyt. Mrs. Hoyt has been a teacher at Cumberland County Public Schools (CUCPS) for 2 years. She currently teaches second grade and, according the principal Virginia Gills, she has high expectations for all of her students and expects them to embody the values of positivity, organization, work ethic, equal rights, and respect. Mrs. Hoyt was applauded for her “outside-of-the-box” teaching style that helped her students excel. She has incorporated learning techniques such creating as chants and cheers to help students remember, has encouraged her students to participate in extra-curricular activities such as producing a Shakespearean play, and has contributed to student success by teaching in both summer school and after-school remediation. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Hoyt initiated and currently chairs the PBIS committee and serves on the Teacher Cabinet.

            The Teacher of the Year for Cumberland Middle School (CMS) was Mr. Andrew Hoyt, who is married to the CES Teacher of the Year. He also is in his second year as a teacher at Cumberland, where he teaches eighth grade Civics and Economics. Mr. Jeffrey Dingeldein, CMS principal, noted that Mr. Hoyt has developed excellent working relationships with many of his colleagues throughout the school and he regularly collaborates with his grade-level team. Mr. Hoyt stated, “I consider the rapport I have built with my students to be one of my greatest accomplishments. Students need to feel safe in the classroom. There must be a trust and understanding between a student and teacher than establishes that they are on each other’s side, and have each other’s best interest in mind.” Mr. Hoyt is a member of the National Junior Honor Society Committee, has participated with the Walking Dukes Relay for Life Team, and has served as a mentor for student teachers. In addition to teaching at the Middle School, he works with high school students as part of the 21st Century After School Program and serves as the Summer School Coordinator.

            The Teacher of the Year for Cumberland High School (CHS) was Mrs. Catherine Fleischman, who was born in Cumberland, has been a Special Education teacher at Cumberland for almost 8 years. Mr. Jeffrey Scales, principal of CHS, described her as a dedicated teacher who clearly demonstrates her love for each of her students on a daily basis. Mrs. Fleischman noted that she tries to employ a variety of teaching best practices, including modeling, peer editing, immediate feedback, and positive behavior reinforcements. She has encouraged her students to make a difference in the world by having them involved in activities such as school-wide recycling and making blankets and scarfs to give to the needy. She has also collaborated with other teachers in Career and Technical Education and Fine Arts, to provide her students with a variety of learning experiences that range from flower arranging, to gardening, to marketing, and farming. For the past two years, she has been a basketball coach and her students finished in third place in their basketball league. Mrs. Fleischman has been very involved in the community: She is a founding member of the Central Piedmont Virginia Master Naturalists, a past member and officer of the Cartersville Garden Club, and a past member of the Cartersville Rescue Squad.

Mrs. Catherine Fleischman was selected to be the Division Teacher of the Year for 2016. She will represent Cumberland in the regional Mary V. Bicouvaris Virginia Teacher of the Year competition.


Mrs. Chiara Hoyt, CES Teacher of the Year; Mrs. Catherine Baber Fleischman, CHS Teacher of the Year; and Mr. Andrew Hoyt, CMS Teacher of the Year, were recognized at the May meeting of the Cumberland School Board. Mrs. Fleischman was named the Division Teacher of the Year.


Mrs. Catherine Fleischman (center) was named the Division Teacher of the Year for Cumberland County Public Schools. She was congratulated by her father, Mr. James “Penny” Baber (left) and her husband, Mr. Luke Fleischman (right).

0082The Little Duke Leaders of Cumberland Elementary School issued a Kindness Challenge to the members of the School Board at the March 2016 meeting. The 100 Acts of Kindness is a program sponsored by Toddler Approved that encourages groups to complete 100 acts of kindness and to challenge other groups to do the same. Acts of kindness could include participating in a charity event, assisting someone with chores, giving a complement, or doing any type of good deed. The Little Dukes noted that in addition to challenging the School Board, they had also challenged neighboring school divisions as well as Hampden-Sydney College. Chairman Ginger Sanderson asked the Little Dukes to keep the School Board members informed of their progress at future meetings.

Little Duke Leaders who challenged the School Board members to 100 Acts of Kindness included the following students:  FRONT ROW:  Robert King, Emery Ludgate, Abigail Winslow, Hannah “Bean” Layne, Peyton Turner, Sydney Winslow, and John Tucker Bowman. BACK ROW: Alyssa Blevins, Samantha Price, Mya Bell, Emily Eron, Jamyra Vick, Juniper Ludgate, and Brett Dalton.