Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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CUCPS School Board Recognizes WAGiLabs Participants Featured

During the meeting held on October 8, 2018, the members of the Cumberland School Board recognized the students who participated in the WAGiLabs Camp. The Camp was held on June 25-29, 2018, for students in third and fourth grade. “WAGi” stands for “What a Great Idea!” WAGiLabs is a program designed to inspire kidpreneurs through developing a mindset of embracing curiosity, compassion, courage, and connection in order to change the world.

WAGiLabs is a nonprofit, social innovation incubator for kids’ ideas. The goal of the lobs is to unleash their curiosity and chase their dreams one great idea at a time. Participants included Adriana Blake, Janiya Braxton, Joseph Casteneda, Hunter Hodges, Alana Johnson, Haley Paschall, Naisha Scott, Harley Thurston, James Wenzel, and Tyrese Williams.

The students made a presentation at the meeting, outlining their ideas for solving one of the problems of the county. The problem they chose was litter. As part of their efforts, they created a mascot named “Dumpster Dan,” who serves as the spokesperson to teach others not to litter. They also designed an initial prototype of a robotic trash collector that would pick up trash both on land and water.

WAGILab Students

WAGiLabs students attending the School Board meeting included the following: FRONT ROW: Hunter Hodges, Harley Thurston, Adriana Blake, and Tyrese Williams. BACK ROW: Alana Johnson,

James Wenzel, Taniya Braxton, Haley Paschall, and Joseph Castaneda. [NOT PICTURED: Naisha Scott.]


Prototype Robot


WAGiLabs students outlined their process for identifying county problems and for developing their solutions. One solution to the problem of litter was to develop

a mascot named “Dumpster Dan” who could teach everyone the importance of properly disposing of litter.



Students presented their prototype robotic trash collector. Students are working on how to get the robot to collect trash on both land and sea.

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