Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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CUCPS Holds Summer WAGiLabs Camp Featured

CUCPS Holds Summer WAGiLabs Camp

Cumberland County Public Schools held a WAGiLabs Camp on June 25-29, 2018, for students in third and fourth grade. “WAGi” stands for “What a Great Idea!” WAGiLabs is a program designed to inspire kidpreneurs through developing a mindset of embracing curiosity, compassion, courage, and connection in order to change the world. According to Mrs. Pamela Stepko, the WAGiLab facilitator, students participating in the camp became detectives through investigating the needs of their community, brainstorming solutions for meeting the needs, and creating prototypes for putting their plans into action. 

In order to identify county needs, students took a walk through the Cumberland Village community, including the Cumberland Museum, and identified both the good things the community has to offer and its challenges. After their investigation, students selected trash disposal as an important need for the county. Mrs. Stepko said that the students experienced mindfulness, empathy, collaboration, struggle, and perseverance through the process.

At the beginning of the upcoming school year, students will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges for feedback. Mrs. Stepko noted, “Curiosity and passion are their compass to becoming the problem solvers and entrepreneurs of our community.”

WAGiLabs is a nonprofit, social innovation incubator for kids’ ideas. The goal of the labs is to “unleash their curiosity and chase their dreams one great idea at a time.”


Wagi Labs - Group 1 at the table

WAGiLabs students collaborate to narrow the specific needs of Cumberland County.


Joseph Castaneda is “walking in others shoes” by experiencing compassion and empathy by looking through the lens of others.


Students participating in WagiLab

Students participating in the WAGiLabs Camp include the following: STANDING: Tyrese Williams, James Wenzel, Harley Thurston, Janiya Braxton, Adriana Blake, Alana Johnson, Hunter Hodges, and Haley Paschall. KNEELING: Joseph Castaneda and Naisha Scott.

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