Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Cumberland Little Duke Leaders Issue Kindness Challenge Featured

0082The Little Duke Leaders of Cumberland Elementary School issued a Kindness Challenge to the members of the School Board at the March 2016 meeting. The 100 Acts of Kindness is a program sponsored by Toddler Approved that encourages groups to complete 100 acts of kindness and to challenge other groups to do the same. Acts of kindness could include participating in a charity event, assisting someone with chores, giving a complement, or doing any type of good deed. The Little Dukes noted that in addition to challenging the School Board, they had also challenged neighboring school divisions as well as Hampden-Sydney College. Chairman Ginger Sanderson asked the Little Dukes to keep the School Board members informed of their progress at future meetings.

Little Duke Leaders who challenged the School Board members to 100 Acts of Kindness included the following students:  FRONT ROW:  Robert King, Emery Ludgate, Abigail Winslow, Hannah “Bean” Layne, Peyton Turner, Sydney Winslow, and John Tucker Bowman. BACK ROW: Alyssa Blevins, Samantha Price, Mya Bell, Emily Eron, Jamyra Vick, Juniper Ludgate, and Brett Dalton.

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