Friday, March 23, 2018

School Board

School Board Members


NOTICE:  There will be a public hearing for input on the proposed 2018-2019 Cumberland County Schools' Budget at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 22, 2018, in the Cumberland Middle School Media Center.  A joint meeting of the Cumberland County Board of Supervisors and the Cumberland County School Board will be held at 7:00 p.m. in the Circuit Courtroom of the Cumberland County Court House.  The purpose of the meeting is to conduct a work session for the 2018-2019 budget.

Cumberland County School Board

Ginger Sanderson, Chairman (District 1)

2234 Cartersville Road
Cartersville, VA 23027
P: (804) 375-9626


George Lee Dowdy, III (District 2)
923 Oak Hill Road
Cumberland, VA 23040
P: (804) 647-8362




Eurika Tyree (District 3)

394 Davenport Road
Cumberland, VA 23040
P: (804) 492-5959


Mr. George Reid, Jr. (District 4)
2371 Cumberland Road
Farmville, VA 23901
P: (434) 392-6368


Christine Ross (District 5) 

301 Dana Drive
Farmville, VA 23901
P: (804) 415-7276


Student Liaisons to the School Board

Caylor Scales

Brandon White (Alternate)



2015 2016 members


Cumberland County School Board members: FRONT ROW:  Mrs. Eurika Tyree, Caylor Scales (Student Representative), Mr. G. Lee Dowdy, III. BACK ROW: Ms. Ginger Sanderson, Mr. George Reid, Jr., and Dr. Christine Ross.

Brandon White (Alternate Liaison to the School Board) and Caylor Scales (Liason to the School Board)